CRASH Drum School is a comprehensive learning enviroment which aims to provide the best possibe facilities for students to learn in.

The studio consists of two rooms. The first is a purpose built acoustically treated drum booth, the second a relaxed and comfortable waiting room, with refreshments for anyone waiting for lessons or someone having a lesson.


Professional quality, 6 piece NATAL drum kit, fitted with EVANS drum heads. Complimented by full set of MEINL cymbals.

A powerful P.A. has being installed, not for volume, but for clarity of music playback.

This great sounding setup combined makes playing and learning not only effortless but huge fun too.



An extensive collection of resources support the learning experience, these include :-

  • Internet access - a wealth of information and video at our fingertips.
  • Digital interactive Rockschool Grade Exams from Debut to grade 8.
  • The entire Apple music' library via. subscription to iTunes - 'Apple Music'.
  • Rhythm Magazine - offers Exclusive lessons and the latest news from the world of drumming
  • Book & DVD Lbrary


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