Adam Swales

Adam has been playing and studying drums for 20 years. He first picked up a set of sticks at the age of 8, inspired by his father's vast CD collection.

"At the age of 14 I knew that playing drums and making music was all I ever wanted to do."

From then on, he would snap up any opportunity to play. Playing in jazz bands, brass bands , show bands and in 2004 took the trip up to Scotland to perform in the Edinburgh festival. On occasions he also played for the Northern School of Music in the house band for showcase nights

Through college years Adam dedicated his time towards music and drumming. At college he studied both music and music technology. During this time he also achieved Grade 8 on the drum kit

In 2006 Adam successfully completed the Drumtech, now Tech Music School Diploma of Popular Music in London, Europes leading and largest contemporary music school.

During time at the school, he has being taught by some of the world's top teachers and played for bands already well known on the London circuit. Constantly gigging and taking on session work, from a lucky break with N Dubs to function band Soul Distinction, Adam has built valuble experience in live performance and the studio.

He is currently playing with Jack Edwards (singer songwiter) writing, recording and performing original material. Visit Jack Edwards Music for music and current updates on the bands progress.

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